June 23, 2017

تفاصيل نظام القيادة الذاتية المجرب من أودي

Audi has long been seen as a driving force in high-confidence leadership and has repeatedly documented the progress of this technology with amazing experiences.

In the United States, the unmanned Audi TTS was able to dig its four-ring brand logo on a surface of salt salt and was able to invade the Rocky Mountains. In the fall of 2014, the RS7 Sportback turned around the Hockenheim track at the limits of physical driving.

Since early this year, Audi has experimented with the next stages of pilot driving on public roads, such as the United States Highway from the West Coast to Las Vegas, on Autoban A9 in Germany, and urban roads in Shanghai.

The leading driving position in traffic jams, which Audi is currently moving towards production, is based on existing assistive systems such as the Audi Adaptive Flight Control System and the Traffic Assist System.

At speeds ranging from 0 to 65 km / h, the system will receive acceleration, braking and steering from the driver, if desired, providing some comfort from stress during congestion on highways. When the traffic jam ends or at the end of the road, the computer asks the driver to grab the command again.

The experimental supernatural command brain uses the latest high-performance processors to evaluate signals from all sensors in intermittent maneuvers that are analyzed and sorted into a central computer.

The radar system scans the area in front of the car while the camcorder detects the signs of the lanes, edges, pedestrians, and other vehicles. While the laser scanner delivers high-resolution data about objects up to 80 meters away from the vehicle.

Moreover, there are up to twelve ultrasonic sensors and four cameras to monitor the surrounding area of ​​the entire vehicle.

وتستخدم وحدة التحكم المركزية لمساعدة السائق كل بيانات الاستشعار هذه لحساب نموذج من المناطق المحيطة التي تصف حالة المرور السائدة على قدر كبير من التفصيل. وهذا يتيح الكشف المبكر جدا من قبل نظام المركبات التي تتحرك في حارة أمام السيارة، على سبيل المثال.

وبالتالي فإن أودي لديها بالفعل التكنولوجيا الجاهزة للإنتاج تحت تصرفها لأول نظام قيادة مجرب. فالوظائف الجديدة تسمح بتوسّع دور السيارات بشكل كبير باعتبارها بيئة عاطفية ومريحة وحديثة.

وتتخذ أودي نهجا شاملا لهذا الموضوع، حيث أن “وقت الراحة” المضاف إلى زيادة السلامة يوفر فوائد كبيرة للعملاء.

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