January 24, 2017

تحديث السائق الآلي في تيسلا أصبح متوفراً الآن!

The improved Tesla driver needed months to prepare it, but in the end it was ready – this time it became a reality rather than a rumor.

After days of inactivity, the upgrade is now active and available for all S- type autos and the X driver.

You may need technicians from Tesla to adjust the camera angles first (and the car will tell you if that is required). Once available, it will work as promised by the company, and should give you more advanced semi-autonomous driving.

As the name suggests, the new automatic driver is less about system re-production than just being a set of important upgrades.

Self-direction is better when traveling on hard roads, for example, when Smart Samon is not limited to moving the car in a straight line (think of twisted roads).

There is even the Automatic Change feature that will help you circumvent the slow traffic on highways.

On the other hand, not all features of the enhanced driver will necessarily be activated immediately, but you may notice the difference if you are the owner of these vehicles.

Source: Auto Blog

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